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Don't believe you can drastically improve your swimming technique in a matter of days? With our guidance, you'll be able to improve every aspect of your swimming (better training sessions, better technique, better understanding of race strategy).

This innovative program was created by Andrii Khloptsov, who is a World Championship Finalist, World Junior Champion, and an experienced coach specializing in helping triathletes and competitive swimmers improve their technique and time in races.

With his expertise, Andrii has assisted more than +1000 swimmers of varying levels and speeds in enhancing their skills, including those with limited experience in swimming.

From beginners to experts, athletes now have the chance to receive high-quality guidance and training for their freestyle, resulting in improved performance and efficiency in both pool and open water competitions.

Andrii Khloptsov, founder of AA Community

What can you expect from our Swim Success Community?

Daily Training Sessions

In our community, you will find a library of over 200 swim workouts that focus on various aspects of swimming, such as improving speed, long-distance aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, lung capacity, kicking, pulling, technique, and more. Throughout the week, we create over 20 training sessions designed for swimmers with varying skill levels, ranging from 1km to 5km per session. You'll find sessions that are well-suited for you!

Swim Science

Learn extensively about swimming, the training process, and open water technique from our "Swim Science" section, where we share valuable tips to enhance your swimming skills. We share knowledge about the training process, techniques of different strokes, open water strategy, and more. 

Chat Forum

Ask questions, get answers, help others! This is the primary rule in our community chat. Here, you can interact with people who share the same passion as you, find answers to your questions, share your knowledge, and make new friends.

3 guides

Get access to our 2 guides: "10 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Freestyle", "How to Write Training Sessions by Yourself" and "Ultimate Open Water Guide".

Review strokes of elite swimmers

Get to know why and how professional athletes are so fast and smooth. The head coach, Andrii, will explain in detail how their stroke mechanics work and how to achieve their level of efficiency.

Q&A Weekly calls

Weekly Q&A calls where you can ask any questions in person that are stopping you from becoming a better swimmer. 

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In a matter of days, you will be able to improve your swimming and gain a better understanding of how this sport works.


If any of the following sounds right to you, then this program is exactly what you need to swim faster, smoother, and without pain!

Open Water / Triathlon / IRONMAN

Do you often find yourself finishing last in swimming races? Learn to have a fast and effortless freestyle so you can have more energy for biking and running

Competitive / Masters

Want to improve your time without Do you want to improve your performance without spending extra hours working out or increasing your fitness level? Our course will help you achieve the desired results in a matter of weeks

Beginners / Recreational

Don't have a lot of experience but want to learn how to swim nicely? Our program will help people without prior experience set up a smooth and enjoyable freestyle.

What are people saying about this program?

This community helped me get my technique in the right place, and now I'm in the preparation phase for my first duathlon! I enjoy weekly calls where I can share my progress and ask for guidance on my next steps.

Chris van der Beek

I truly enjoy learning from people in the community and coaches. I always swim training sessions and provide feedback to the coaches. 100% would recommend to triathletes who want to improve their swimming!

Elena Linker

Through the guidance and evaluations of elite swimmers, I gained valuable insights on my strokes and learned how to improve my freestyle. This community is packed with a wealth of amazing information!

Sam Wilkins

You will have access to knowledge that will help you improve your speed and skills in freestyle and other strokes.

Yes! I want to swim faster!

100% Risk Free. Cancel anytime

If you want Coach Andrii to be your swimming coach, design personalized training sessions, improve your technique, and support you in becoming the best version of yourself, click the button below to find out more.

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