Transform your 100-meter time by shaving off 10 seconds in just 3 days
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Yes! I want to swim faster!

Only $10! If you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back!

Don't believe you can drastically improve your 100-meter time in just 3 days? Let our 3-Day Master Catch Challenge, a user-friendly online coaching program, prove you wrong. If not, you'll get a refund.

This innovative program was created by Andrii Khloptsov, who is a World Championship Finalist, World Junior Champion, and an experienced coach specializing in helping triathletes and competitive swimmers improve their technique.

With his expertise, Andrii has assisted more than +1000 swimmers of varying levels and speeds in enhancing their skills, including those with limited experience in swimming.

From beginners to experts, athletes now have the chance to receive high-quality guidance and training for their freestyle, resulting in improved performance and efficiency in both pool and open water competitions.

What can you expect from the 3-day master catch challenge?

Innovative program designed to boost your swimming performance by enhancing your catch technique in both pool and open water settings.

6 comprehensive videos showcasing the techniques necessary to master your catch, rhythm, and timing, presented by a World Championship Finalist.

6 special drills including single arm drill (level 2), catch-up, and doggy paddles to always keep your technique as sharp as possible.

24/7 personal support from Andrii Khloptsov throughout and after the course.

6 carefully structured workouts to focus on specific topics of our course.

You can complete the course at your convenience, making it ideal for busy individuals.

In 3 days you will be able to shave off 10 seconds from your average 100 meters freestyle. If not, money back

What you can expect to gain in 3 days?

Yes! I want to swim faster!

Only $10! If you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back!


If any of the following sounds right to you, then this program is exactly what you need to swim faster, smoother, and without pain!

Competitive / Masters

Want to improve your time without Do you want to improve your performance without spending extra hours working out or increasing your fitness level? Our course will help you achieve the desired results in a matter of weeks

Open Water / Triathlon / IRONMAN

Do you often find yourself finishing last in swimming races? Learn to have a fast and effortless freestyle so you can have more energy for biking and running

Beginners / Recreational

Don't have a lot of experience but want to learn how to swim nicely? Our program will help people without prior experience set up a smooth and enjoyable freestyle.

What are people saying about this program?

I do swimming for fitness and I never knew that swimming is such a technical sport. Andrii explained everything in a simple way which I really like! Now only left is to fix my legs, and I'm ready to try open water.

Chris van der Beek

I time myself every week on the 400m freestyle, and after this challenge, I dropped 25 seconds in my time. Just in one week! I no longer have a significant fear about my swimming leg in the triathlon. Amazing knowledge!!!

Silvia Marchetto

I took a course in one week, and now I feel much smoother and relaxed in the water. Andrii was right about the importance of balance and the fact that every move has its consequences, especially when it comes to long-distance swimming.

Sam Wilkins

For only $10, you will have lifelong access to knowledge that will help you improve your speed and skills in freestyle.

Yes! I want to swim faster!

Only $5! If you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back!