Improve your swimming skills with a world championship finalist

Would you like a world championship finalist to create a fully tailored training program and improve your swimming technique?

As a successful swimmer in the past, video stroke analysis played a significant role in our training.

Video analysis in swimming is one of the best and fastest ways to understand where you can improve your stroke!

Every swimmer has at least 3 mistakes that they are not aware of

Freestyle has numerous hidden details that are impossible to detect without the help of a professional

We're discussing the incorrect angle of an elbow, the proper coordination of arms and legs, a breathing technique that will keep you floating higher on the surface, and numerous small details that can distinguish an average swimmer from an elite one

Meet your

Hi, I’m Andrii Khloptsov

Swimming has always been a significant part of my life from an early age. It's practically in my DNA, as both of my parents are dedicated swim coaches, and my father even holds a prominent position as the head of the sprint team, where technique plays the most crucial part, in Ukraine.

My passion for the water started at a young age, and it wasn't long before I was making waves in the competitive swimming scene and then later as a coach on a national level.

Today, we have a thriving community of swimmers in our online program, and our physical swimming pool serves as a hub for local enthusiasts in Singapore.

• Gold medal at the World Junior Championship
• World Aquatics Championship Finalist
• Gold medal at the First European Olympic Games
• Gold medal at the European Junior Championship
• Silver and Bronze at the World University Games
• Coaching and competing for more than 14 years

"For every mistake that you have in your stroke, you will receive specialized drill and exercise to improve your performance in the water"
- Andrii, Founder of Swim Success

More than 1000 stroke analysis videos have been made, and the number continues to grow...

All our clients see immediate improvement after we analyze the videos

Not only will you hear valuable feedback from a World Junior Champion, but you will also receive a customized set of drills to help you achieve your desired result

What is the fastest way to track progress and achieve your goals?

Once you have improved your swimming technique with our help to achieve your goal at the National Triathlon, Open Water, or Swimming Championships, you will need to create a personalized training plan that is tailored to your level and will lead you to success as a swimmer.

Moving from an average swimmer to an excellent swimmer requires more than just one analysis. While single stroke analysis is a valuable step in the right direction, additional steps are necessary.

This requires a personalized swimming program designed to meet your needs, refining your strengths and addressing your weaknesses.

Our approach ensures that you don't just swim, but that you swim with purpose, precision, and have a clear path to achieving your swimming goals.


If any of the following sounds right to you, then this program is exactly what you need to swim faster, smoother, and without pain!

Competitive / Masters

Want to improve your time without Do you want to improve your performance without spending extra hours working out or increasing your fitness level? Our course will help you achieve the desired results in a matter of weeks

Open Water / Triathlon / IRONMAN

Do you often find yourself finishing last in swimming races? Learn to have a fast and effortless freestyle so you can have more energy for biking and running

Beginners / Recreational

Don't have a lot of experience but want to learn how to swim nicely? Our program will help people without prior experience set up a smooth and enjoyable freestyle.

"Only when you reach the highest level of swimming do you learn about the details that only elite swimmers know, and I’m willing to share them with you."
- Andrii, Founder of Swim Success

What can you expect from our Swim Success community after becoming a PRO member?

Personalzed Training Sessions

After a one-on-one call, we will understand your goals and how to create a tailored training program. This program will be based on your availability, frequency of swimming sessions, your current training level, and your ultimate aspiration as a swimmer. Coach Andrii will personally create up to 20 workouts every month and adjust the training as needed during the process.

"6 Weeks Freestyle Mastery" course

A course that provides over an hour of explanation about freestyle and all the hidden tricks that hinder your improvement in it. It covers every aspect of freestyle, helping you become an elite freestyle swimmer. There are 20 drills for freestyle that you can practice on land and in the water, along with 48 training sessions for various purposes.

Video Stroke Analysis

Video stroke analysis plays a crucial part in the training process. On average, people tend to have at least three mistakes in their stroke that are preventing them from excelling as swimmers to their full capabilities. After you send your swimming video (underwater or above the water view), Andrii will analyze your stroke in detail, highlight key points for you to focus on, and recommend a set of drills to help you improve.

"23 drills to fix everything in freestyle" course

Drills play a crucial part in swimming preparation. They assist you in concentrating on a specific aspect of your stroke, making it easier for you to correct it quickly. In this course, we have 23 drills that focus on your kicking, breathing, pull, recovery phase, rhythm, and more.

Swim Science

Learn extensively about swimming, the training process, and open water technique from our "Swim Science" section, where we share valuable tips to enhance your swimming skills. We share knowledge about the training process, techniques of different strokes, open water strategy, and more. 

"33 Dry Land Exercises For Swimmers" course

Every professional swimmer has to do dry land exercises. It helps you maintain stability in the water, enables you to engage your muscles properly, and saves you from getting injuries in the water in the long run. In this course, we have compiled a set of dry land exercises that elite swimmers perform on a weekly basis.

Chat Forum

Ask questions, get answers, help others! This is the primary rule in our community chat. Here, you can interact with people who share the same passion as you, find answers to your questions, share your knowledge, and make new friends.

"Long Distance Success" course

If you are a triathlete or long distance swimmer, it's crucial to know how to train yourself for upcoming competitions. In this course, we will explore how to create a long-term training plan and the differences between swimming in open water and in a pool.

3 guides

Get access to our 2 guides: "10 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Freestyle", "How to Write Training Sessions by Yourself" and "Ultimate Open Water Guide"

Review strokes of elite swimmers

Get to know why and how professional athletes are so fast and smooth. The head coach, Andrii, will explain in detail how their stroke mechanics work and how to achieve their level of efficiency.

Q&A Weekly calls

Weekly Q&A calls where you can ask any questions in person that are stopping you from becoming a better swimmer. 

24/7 personal chat support

People always have questions. It can be about technique, diet, gym training, race strategy and more. Our coaches, led by Andrii, would be happy to help you better understand what you need to do to improve.


What will you get:

12 fully tailored training sessions per month (valued at $39/month

1 video analysis analysis per month (valued at $45/month)

Monthly video calls will be scheduled to assess your progress (valued at $45/month)

The "Long Distance Success" course (valued at $39)

The "23 Drills To Fix Everything" course (valued at $39)

The "3 Days Master Catch" course (valued at $10)

The "33 Dryland Exercises For Swimmers" course (valued at $39)

Special chat with Andrii and other members (valued at $39)

An in-depth overview of your swimming skills and what should you do next to improve (valued at $99)

Online Q&A calls with Andrii and invited famous professional swimmers and coaches (valued 49$)

Total: $443


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What will you get:

20 fully tailored training sessions per month (valued at $59/month

Unlimited video analysis analysis per month (valued at $99/month)

Monthly video calls will be scheduled to assess your progress (valued at $45/month)

On-demand training sessions for special requests (valued at $49)

The "Long Distance Success" course (valued at $39)

The "23 Drills To Fix Everything" course (valued at $39)

The "6 Week Freestyle Mastery" course (valued at $49)

The "3 Days Master Catch" course (valued at $10)

The "33 Dryland Exercises For Swimmers" course (valued at $39)

Special chat with Andrii and other members (valued at $39)

Dryland exercises to improve your swimming performance (valued at $49)

An in-depth overview of your swimming skills and what should you do next to improve (valued at $99)

Online Q&A calls with Andrii and invited famous professional swimmers and coaches (valued 49$)

Total: $664


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Testimonial from a 2024 World Champion on 50 freestyle  

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"After I sent my freestyle video to Andrii, I received a detailed analysis of my technique. He pointed out specific areas where I can make improvements."

Vladislav Bukhov is 50 meters freestyle swimmer. He is the World Champion and World Junior Champion on 50 meters freestyle

Andrii worked with him on his dive, head position and the ending of his pull, which resulted in an improvement of his overall time in the 50 meters freestyle

Speed up your progress with individual online video analysis of your swimming stroke. Get feedback on your technique and receive a customized set of drills and training.

Join the community of people who love swimming, enjoy sharing their knowledge, and cheer for the success of others

Studies show that you are 90% more likely to reach your goal if you have a community of people who share your purpose

We have people who have just started learning to swim, people who are preparing for their first master's competition, and people getting ready to do their third IRONMAN

What are people saying about this program?

This community helped me get my technique in the right place, and now I'm in the preparation phase for my first duathlon! I enjoy weekly calls where I can share my progress and ask for guidance on my next steps.

Chris van der Beek

I truly enjoy learning from people in the community and coaches. I always swim training sessions and provide feedback to the coaches. 100% would recommend to triathletes who want to improve their swimming!

Elena Linker

Through the guidance and evaluations of elite swimmers, I gained valuable insights on my strokes and learned how to improve my freestyle. This community is packed with a wealth of amazing information!

Sam Wilkins

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