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AA Approach

The AA Approach was developed by our founder Andrii. As a result of his accomplished swimming career, he had the opportunity to engage in valuable conversations with renowned coaches worldwide, gaining insight into the various techniques used for learning how to swim in different countries.

He combined the most effective methods from various coaching styles to develop a unique approach to mastering swimming, known as the AA Approach.

Our private swimming lessons guarantee rapid progress for every individual through our proven and one-of-a-kind system.

Why AA Approach is the best swimming
syllabus in Singapore?

At AA Approach, we don't just focus on water drills to accelerate our students' progress. Our coaches also prioritize a personalized approach for each student, fostering a positive atmosphere and a genuine passion for swimming.

Andrii was a World Junior Champion and World Aquatics Championship Finalist. The unique AA Approach he introduced to Singapore offers a curriculum that is suitable for all levels of swimming.

B.E.S.T. Swimming Lessons

Balanced. Engaging. Safe. Tailored.

As our founder Andrii says:
You can achieve good results only in a great atmosphere!
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