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Swimming Lessons For Kids

Choosing a private swim instructor for your kids holds great significance during their developmental stage.

The mentor not only becomes a reliable friend to your child, but also a trusted mentor. This decision can greatly impact your child's attitude towards their weekly swimming lessons, whether they eagerly anticipate them or approach them with hesitation.

As a result, it is important to carefully select a reliable service provider to take care of your precious children, as this decision can have a ripple effect on the whole family.

"Let your kid become a good swimmer"
- Founder of AA Swim school, Andrii

Why Trust AA Swim School?

Our method "AA Approach" focuses on creating a positive atmosphere for children's growth and has been successfully implemented in various regions, beyond just Singapore.

Our coaches undergo weekly training not only to become skilled in teaching swimming, but also to effectively handle a variety of children and find optimal solutions in any situation.

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Testimonials from our Clients

"My kids enjoy swim lessons with Andrii"

Both of my kids love swim lessons because coach Andrii is very friendly and every week does something new so it's never boring and exiting for them.

Sharon Walker

Mother of Rory and Chloe

"Andrii teaches with passion"

Andrii explains hard technical things in an easy way so it's easier to implement them. My child always waits for swim lesson with excitement.

Anastassia Lemann

Mother of Josephine

Learn to swim

This is what you can expect from us working with your child for 1 year

Beginners Phase

(1 month)

• Water confidence
• Underwater breath holding
‍• Streamline
• Star-float on front and back
• Introduction to freestyle
• Safety questions

Intermediate Phase

(4-6 months)

• Freestyle
• Backstroke
• Breaststroke
• Dolphin kicks
• Water treading
• Swim 1 lap confidently
• SwimSafer (Level 1-2)

Advanced Phase

(6-12 months)

• Advance freestyle
• Advance Breaststroke or Backstroke
• Butterfly
• Stamina to swim lap repeatedly
• Dives & Flip-turns
• SwimSafer (Level 3, Bronze,
Silver and Gold)

Our swim school, AA Swim, provides a comprehensive and customizable program for children to learn how to swim in a dynamic and motivating setting. Our teaching approach focuses on high-quality performance and prioritizes proper swimming technique and progressive drills.

*Our program also helps students to get SwimSafer certificates.

What Will Happen On A First Lesson?

At AA Swim School, parents can rest assured that their child's initial lesson will take place in a nurturing and encouraging setting, with the goal of making the entire family feel comfortable. Our skilled coaches recognize that the initial lesson may seem intimidating, so they emphasize establishing a positive connection with your child right away.

Your child's swimming proficiency will be carefully evaluated, taking into consideration their age and previous aquatic experience. Our coaches are committed to the idea that learning to swim should be a delight, and therefore, they make it a point to design engaging and enjoyable lessons.

Our coach will take some time after the lesson to talk with parents and give valuable feedback on your child's progress.

During this discussion, we will explore your child's strengths, potential for growth, and predicted progress. Our coaches are dedicated to maintaining open communication with parents and are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

"Together, we will work towards helping your child develop essential swimming skills while fostering a love for the water." - Founder of AA Swim School, Andrii

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