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Swimming Lessons For Adults

Discover the perfect teaching approach from skilled swimmers who can help you reach your goals and improve your overall health and fitness.

Why choose AA Swim School?

Due to the technical nature of swimming, variations in technique and skill among elite swimmers are more significant factors than differences in training approaches. From complete novices who fear the water to seasoned triathletes looking to perfect a specific stroke, AA Swim School provides a wide variety of professional swimming courses to assist every swimmer in achieving their individual goals.

In addition, we are confident that you will experience immediate improvement after your first lesson, or we will refund your money!

" With our "AA Approach," you can expect to reach your goals while avoiding tedious and monotonous trainings. "Discover a vast selection of drills that will enhance your strokes and leave you feeling rejuvenated and faster with every session."
- Founder of AA Swim School, Andrii
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At AA Swim School, we offer adult swimming classes for both complete beginners and those with a basic understanding of swimming, focusing on improving technique in the front-crawl and back-stroke strokes.
During our sessions, we will concentrate on mastering fundamental abilities like floating, gliding, and kicking, as well as fostering an understanding of water dynamics and propulsion. We will also work on the bio-mechanics of backstroke and front crawl, and enhance comfort in deep water.


Our main focus is on improving stroke technique and perfecting the rhythm and timing of backstroke and front crawl, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining a streamlined body position. In order to preserve energy, enhance fitness, and build swimming endurance, this is essential for any swimmer.

Advanced & Triathlon

The specialized swimming classes we offer are perfect for proficient swimmers who want to perfect their skills in all four strokes and challenge their physical endurance. We prioritize stroke efficiency and speed training, along with distance swimming and challenge times, for an intense fitness swimming experience for advanced swimmers.

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