Experience a new approach
to training from a
World Junior Champion

Learn To Swim

Learn to swim at the fastest pace

Our exceptional coach Andrii, who was once a World Junior Champion and finalist in the World Championships, is dedicated to instructing children in the most effective way possible. He recognizes that each child requires a personalized approach, which is why all of his students thoroughly enjoy their lessons and make rapid progress.

Learn to swim Singapore AA Swimming School
*Our program follows the SwimSafer 2.0 framework,
which ensures that students learn swimming skills in a safe and systematic manner.

Competitive Development

Competitive, professional swimming Singapore AA Swimming School

Become more efficient and faster

Thanks to his swimming experience, Coach Andrii has been able to learn from some of the top coaches in the world and now he passes on that knowledge to his students.

Stay updated on the latest swimming strategies and learn how to excel as a smart and effective competitor.

Adult Training

Achieve all your goals with proper guidence

Whether you're a novice with a basic understanding or an experienced swimmer looking to stay in shape, we are here to assist you in reaching your objectives.

Master the correct swimming technique to effortlessly swim without getting fatigued.

Adult swimming training Singapore AA Swimming School

Open Water/Triathlon

Open Water, Triathlon training Singapore AA Swimming School

Prepare yourself for unique challenges

Participating in open water swimming or triathlons requires a higher level of difficulty compared to swimming in a pool.

Get ready for potential obstacles during your races and improve your performance for better results.

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